Gail McCray
Atlanta, GA

As we always hear, there are new drugs, new ways to use old drugs, and individual considerations on which therapy to use. It is being treated as multiple forms of myeloma. Here are three things I am impressed with so far during my time in San Francisco for the 56th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting:

#1 – Several patients in our group have been asked to meet with pharma companies and share our patient experience. These highly profitable companies want to hear from you. No matter that it’s strictly business decisions or compassion, or a combination – they need to know how the drugs are working with you.

#2 – With each presentation on drug therapy, the overriding question is about toxicity. We all know drugs, by definition, are toxic – but how to minimize risk is of great concern.

#3 – This may seem small, but it is not insignificant. At each presentation on clinical trials, the researcher first thanked participating patients, then funders, and so on. This is more acknowledgement and respect for the contribution patients make to the advancement of cancer research than I am accustomed to… More later.

NO CREDIT Please Photography by Penni Gladstone 415.706.6960

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